Transform Your Images into Sketch Art with Stable Diffusion (A1111)

 Transform Your Images into Sketch Art with Stable Diffusion (A1111)
Elevate your images into captivating sketch art effortlessly with Stable Diffusion (A1111). Explore the transformative potential of this tool to unleash your creativity.

1. Introduction

Today, our focus shifts to the creation of stunning sketch art from images, employing the powerful tools of Stable Diffusion (A1111) and ControlNet, with a particular emphasis on the ControlNet model "Canny". However, before we embark on this creative journey, it's essential to ensure that we have all the necessary requirements in place. Let's navigate through these prerequisites together, shall we?

2. Requirements for Tranforming Image into Sketch Art

Before diving into the process of transforming your images into captivating sketches, it's essential to confirm that you have the necessary tools installed. Here's what you'll need:

Requirement 1: Stable Diffusion

To begin, make sure that Stable Diffusion is installed on your system. If it's not already installed, no need to fret! You can effortlessly install Stable Diffusion using the convenient one-click installer.

Next, we'll need to install ControlNet along with the corresponding "Canny" model. If you haven't already installed ControlNet, don't worry. An article is provided below to guide you through the installation process.

Requirement 2: Controlnet & Canny Model

How to Install ControlNet Extension in Stable Diffusion (A1111)

Following the installation of the ControlNet extension, make sure to download the "Canny" safetensor file and then relocate it to the designated directory:

  • Download control_canny-fp16.safetensors file on the official huggingface website.
  • Place it in the specified directory: "extensions/sd-web-ui/ControlNet/models" within the Stable Diffusion root folder.

Requirement 3: LCM LoRA

We will use the LCM LoRa to accelerate the rendering process. If you haven't installed it yet, make sure to check out the following article below:

How to Speed Up Image Generation with LCM LoRA's (A1111)

Once you've successfully installed Stable Diffusion along with the ControlNet extension, the designated ControlNet "Canny" model, and the LCM LoRa, you're all set to begin transforming your images into stunning AI sketch art!

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3. Img2img & ControlNet Settings

To convert our initial image into a sketch art image, we need to have the image prepared. You can either create one in the text-to-image tab or use an existing image that is ready for conversion. We can now proceed to the next phase. In this stage, we will use the img2img tab and follow the procedures outlined below:

Step 1: Controlnet Settings

First, scroll down to the ControlNet section, open ControlNet Unit 0, and place your initial image onto the canvas and choose the settings listed below:


  • Select "Enable" checkbox
  • Select "Pixel Perfect" checkbox
  • Control Type: Canny
  • Model: control_canny-fp16 [e3fe7712]
  • Control Weight: 1
  • Low Threshold: 100
  • High Threshold: 200
  • Control Mode: Balanced

Note: Make sure to click on the upper right icon below the canvas where you've uploaded your initial image to send the correct dimensions of the image.

Step 2: Img2img Base Settings

Scroll up slightly, where we will choose the basic settings for the img2img settings, as listed below:


  • Sampling Method: LCM
  • Sampling Steps: 8
  • Width & Height: 888 x 496 (The same as the original image)
  • CFG Scale: 2
  • Denoising Strenght: 0.75 (The greater the number, the more black outlines you'll obtain)
  • Seed: -1

Step 3: Checkpoint, Prompt & White Background Upload

Head to the top of the page, where we'll select a checkpoint. Specifically, we'll go with the "RealisticVision" option. Then, we'll enter a prompt, which also include the LCM LoRa to speed up rendering, we'll also upload a white background image as our starting image.


  • Checkpoint: Realistic Vision
  • Prompt: <lora:LCM_SD1.5:1>, black line art, black and white lineart, sketch art
  • Negative Prompt: worst quality, low quality, lowres, monochrome, greyscale, bad anatomy, deformed, disfigured, mutation hands, mutation fingers, extra fingers, missing fingers, watermark

Note: Ensure that you upload a legitimate white background image that is not subject to free or commercial use restrictions; otherwise, the generation process may fail.

Step 4: Generating Image

Once everything's set just right, it's time for the magic moment: clicking that "generate" button. Our initial image is about to undergo a fascinating transformation into sketch art.

4. Example: Transformed Image (Sketch Art)

Once the rendering is complete, we can marvel at our incredible sketch art. Let's take a closer look.


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5. Conclusion

Transforming your images into captivating sketch art is now more accessible than ever with Stable Diffusion (A1111). By leveraging the powerful tools and extensions such as ControlNet and LCM LoRa, you can unleash your creativity and elevate your artwork to new heights. With a simple click of a button, witness the magic of AI as it transforms your images into stunning sketches, ready to captivate and inspire.

If you're interested in learning how to add color to your sketches, we have an article specifically for that purpose, which you can find listed below:

How to Color Your Sketch Art with Stable Diffusion (A1111)

We trust you found this tutorial enjoyable, and we look forward to seeing you in the next one!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Stable Diffusion provides various parameters and settings that allow users to customize the level of detail in the generated sketch art. From controlling the intensity of outlines to adjusting the denoising strength, users have the flexibility to fine-tune the output according to their preferences.

Absolutely! Stable Diffusion offers a versatile platform for various artistic transformations beyond sketch art. Whether you're interested in generating paintings, illustrations, or even abstract art, Stable Diffusion provides the tools and flexibility to explore a wide range of artistic styles.

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