Create Realistic GIFs with Stable Diffusion (AnimateDiff & Roop)

Create Realistic GIFs with Stable Diffusion (AnimateDiff & Roop)
Are you interested in crafting hyper realistic GIFs using AnimateDiff and the Roop extension? Look no further, we've got you covered. Infuse your static images with newfound vibrancy through the capabilities of Stable Diffusion.

1. Introduction

Step into the world of Hyper Realistic GIFs, where art and technology come together. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore AnimateDiff and the Roop Extension, all powered by the amazing Stable Diffusion. Get ready to be amazed as we discover how to turn still images into lifelike GIF animations.

2. Requirements: Hyper Realistic GIF Animations

Before diving into the world of hyper-realistic GIF animations using Stable Diffusion, let's ensure we have the necessary extensions in place. Below, you'll find our list of requirements.

Requirement 1: Roop Extension

For achieving hyper realistic and consistently detailed faces in your GIF animations, we advise utilizing the Roop extension for a seamless face swap. If you haven't already installed the Roop extension, no stress, we have a step-by-step tutorial listed below to guide you through the process:

How to Face Swap in Stable Diffusion with Roop Extension

Requirement 2: AnimateDiff Extension

  • Navigate to the "Extensions" tab within Stable Diffusion.
  • Click on the subtab "Available".
  • Click on "Load from" button.
  • Search for "AnimateDiff" and Click on "Install".


To use the AnimateDiff Extension effectively, you'll need to download a Motion module from the Hugging Face website.

  • Navigate to the AnimateDiff Hugging Face Files on the official Hugging Face website.
  • Download the "mm_sd_v14.ckpt" file.
  • After downloading the Motion Module, ensure you move the file into the following directory structure: "stable-diffusion-webui" > "extension" > "sd-web-ui-animatediff" > "models."


Once you've successfully installed the extension and the motion module, navigate to the "Installed" tab, and select "Apply and restart UI." Additionally, I highly recommend performing a complete restart of your Stable Diffusion to ensure a seamless experience and prevent any potential errors.

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3. Txt2img Settings (Stable Diffusion)

Navigate to the "txt2img" section within the Stable Diffusion interface, where we will proceed to choose the settings outlined below:


  • Checkpoint: Realistic Vision
  • Positive Prompt: 30 year old women, blonde hair, (looking in the camera:1.1), (white skirt:1.2), (light blue crop top:1.2), (full body:1.1), plants in background, (front view:1.1), (looking in the camera:1.1), perfect shadow, natural lightning
  • Negative Prompt: (worst quality:1.2), (low quality:1.2), (lowres:1.1), (monochrome:1.1), (greyscale), multiple views, comic, sketch, (((bad anatomy))), (((deformed))), (((disfigured))), watermark, multiple_views, mutation hands, mutation fingers, extra fingers, missing fingers, watermark, nude, nsfw, negative_hand-neg
  • Sampling Method: Euler a
  • Sampling Steps: 30
  • Width & Height: In our case this is an aspect ratio of 9:16
  • CFG Scale: 7
  • Seed: -1

4. AnimateDiff Settings (Txt2img)

Scroll down, and if you've installed AnimateDiff correctly, you'll encounter a dropdown menu containing all the necessary settings. Let's go through these settings step by step to craft your GIF animation.

  • Check the "Enable AnimateDiff" Checkbox
  • Motion Module: mm_sd_v14.ckpt (This should be successfully installed by now if you've followed our provided requirements)
  • Number of frames: 16
  • FPS: 8 (Keep the FPS range between 8-12 for optimal results)
  • Save: GIF (We will save the output as a GIF)


For this tutorial, you can leave the remaining settings as they are. However, feel free to experiment with these settings on your own if you wish.

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5. Roop Extension Settings (Txt2img)

Now, scroll down and open the Roop extension panel. You can choose a face for the Roop canvas. We're using the Roop extension to keep the faces consistent in the final GIF animation, so don't forget to "enable" it.

We've supplied the Roop extension with a Scarlett Johansson face, and we've "enabled" it we keep the rest of the setting untouched like below:


With all the settings in place, it's time to click the "Generate" button and patiently await the creation of your GIF.

6. Examples: Face Swapped GIF Animation (Realistic)

After the generation process is finished, we have successfully crafted a face swapped GIF animation. Below, we have the GIF animations as examples for showcasing.


The final destination directory for saving the GIF is: "stable-diffusion-webui" > "outputs" > "txt2img-images" > "AnimateDiff"


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7. Conclusion

In conclusion, our journey into the realm of Hyper Realistic GIFs with Stable Diffusion, AnimateDiff, and Roop Extension has provided you with a comprehensive guide to creating lifelike animations from static images. By following the outlined steps and meeting the necessary requirements, you can transform your visuals into captivating GIF animations. Don't hesitate to experiment with the settings and unleash your creative potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

To embark on the journey of crafting Hyper Realistic GIFs, you'll need to ensure you have the AnimateDiff extension installed, along with the associated Motion module. Additionally, the Roop extension is recommended for maintaining consistent faces in your animations. Detailed installation instructions are provided in the tutorial.

Absolutely! While the tutorial provides recommended settings, you have the flexibility to customize parameters such as Frames Per Second (FPS) and the number of frames to suit your preferences. Just be sure to maintain a balance for optimal results.

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