Creating 3D-Style Anime Character Images with Next Diffusion

Creating 3D-Style Anime Character Images with Next Diffusion
Learn the art of crafting captivating 3D-style anime character images using Next Diffusion. Explore step-by-step guidance to bring your characters to life with depth and dimension.

1. Introduction

Step into the dynamic realm where anime artistry meets cutting-edge 3D-style design. In this guide, we dive into the fascinating process of crafting captivating 3D-style anime character images using the innovative Next Diffusion platform. Whether you're an experienced artist perfecting your craft or a passionate newcomer excited to delve into the realm of anime character design, come along on this immersive journey. Together, we'll fuse creativity and technology, providing you with the tools and knowledge needed to craft characters that embody depth and dimension.

2. Selecting Anime Checkpoint

In our quest to transform our starting image into an anime-style masterpiece, we begin by navigating to the "checkpoints" subtab nestled in the top navigation bar. Here, we'll carefully choose an anime-inspired checkpoint named "CounterFeit" to guide our image inference process. This pivotal selection sets the stage for a seamless and visually captivating transition in line with our anime aesthetic aspirations.


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3. Starting with Base Settings (Image Inference)

Let's now tweak some key settings found on the left side of the dashboard. With our anime checkpoint in mind, we recommend utilizing the "Euler a" sampler for smoother results. Regarding sampling steps, a value of 30 strikes a good balance between detail and rendering time. It's important to note that higher sampling steps yield more detailed images but also prolong the rendering process.

As for the batch size, feel free to adjust it based on your preferences. However, keep in mind that higher values will extend the rendering time. For our example, let's set the batch size to 2 and opt for PNG as the file format. The default aspect ratio (1:1) should suffice for our needs.

  • Sampler: Euler a
  • Sampling Steps: 30
  • Batch Size: 2
  • File Format: PNG
  • Aspect Ratio: 1:1

4. Selecting LoRa for Style Inference

We'll navigate to the "LoRa's" tab in the top navigation bar, where we can enhance our final image output with specific features. To incorporate a 3D-style effect into our image, we'll move to the "Style" subtab. Within this section, we'll select the "3D Rendering" Lora and keep its default weight at 0.7. Keep in mind that a higher weight value will result in a more significant impact of the Lora on the final output image(s).


You have the option to include up to three Loras at once. However, for this demonstration, we'll only incorporate the 3D-Rendering Lora. Feel free to explore different Loras for clothing, style, or NSFW content as you see fit.

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5. Pose Selection for Anime Character (Optional)

When crafting your 3D-style anime character, you have the option to incorporate a pose, ensuring consistency with the final output. While this step is optional, it can significantly enhance the coherence of your anime characters. We'll head to the "Pose" tab in the navigation bar. For this demonstration, we'll choose a "sitting" pose. However, feel free to experiment with various poses to find the one that best suits your vision.


Before proceeding and clicking on "Generate," let's address the next step, which entails creating a prompt for our anime character.

6. Crafting a Prompt for Your Anime Character

The last step involves crafting a captivating prompt consisting of keywords separated by commas to describe the final image. Ensure you include keywords for age, hair color, eye color, clothing style, body shape, background, etc. For this example, our prompt is as follows:

  • Prompt: 30 year old woman, looking at viewer, front view, blue hair, purple eyes, detailed purple eyes, blush, long hair, white shirt, purple pleaven skirt, black pantyhose, outdoor, laying, leafs, trees, park
  • Negative Prompt: worst quality, low quality, lowres, monochrome, greyscale, bad anatomy, deformed, disfigured, mutation hands, mutation fingers, extra fingers, missing fingers, watermark

Once all the settings are in place, let's click on "Generate." This process may take some time, so sit back, relax, and wait for the render to complete.

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7. Examples: 3D-Style Anime Character

Once the render is complete, we'll witness our 3D-style anime character spring to life in a stunning image. Let's feature one of the images we've just created, alongside a few other examples.

Example 1


Example 2


Example 3


8. Conclusion

In the dynamic intersection of artistry and technology, Next Diffusion opens doors to a captivating world of 3D-style anime character creation. Through this guide, you've delved into the intricacies of bringing characters to life with depth and dimension. From selecting checkpoints to fine-tuning settings and crafting prompts, each step is a brushstroke in the canvas of your imagination. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a curious beginner, this journey empowers you to unleash your creativity and craft anime characters that resonate with life. With Next Diffusion, the possibilities are endless, and your artistic vision knows no bounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Next Diffusion offers a streamlined interface, intuitive pose selection, and diverse Lora options, making it the ideal platform for crafting stunning 3D-style anime characters.

Yes, you have the option to include up to three Loras at once. However, for simplicity, this demonstration focuses on incorporating the "3D Rendering" Lora. Feel free to explore other Loras for additional styling options tailored to your preferences.

Absolutely! While this guide covers essential settings and steps, Next Diffusion offers a plethora of customization options to tailor your character to your exact specifications. Experiment with different settings, poses, Loras, and prompts to bring your unique vision to life.

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