3 Essential Cartoon Checkpoints for Stable Diffusion

3 Essential Cartoon Checkpoints for Stable Diffusion
Delve into the captivating realm of stable diffusion with our top 3 cartoon checkpoints, where innovative enhancements breathe vibrant life into cartoon style!

1. Introduction Cartoon Checkpoints

Step into the lively realm of Cartoon Checkpoints! In this exciting journey, we're navigating through the creative landscapes of stable diffusion. Our adventure kicks off with a close-up look at three key checkpoints that make cartoons come alive. But that's not all – we'll be comparing these checkpoints using an XYZ plot, a handy tool to help you figure out which one resonates with you the most. Get ready for an engaging exploration into the world of cartoons!

2. Cartoon Checkpoint 1: ToonYou

Welcome to the whimsical wonders of ToonYou, our first checkpoint on this cartoon adventure! Say goodbye to realism and embrace the silly, stylish, and downright cute essence of ToonYou.

ToonYou, the epitome of cartoonish charm, flips the script on traditional portraiture. This checkpoint doesn't aim for hyper-realism; instead, it thrives on capturing the essence of fun and playfulness. It's all about vibrant expressions, exaggerated features, and an overall cartoonish vibe. Let's see some examples shall we!

Example Images (ToonYou Checkpoint)


  • Checkpoint: ToonYou
  • Positive Prompt: portrait of a women, (cleavage:1.2), (smiling), sensual look, red hair, long hair, jewelry, brown eyes, perfect light, natural light, tropical plants in background
  • Negative Prompt: (worst quality:1.2), (low quality:1.2), (lowres:1.1), (monochrome:1.1), (greyscale), multiple views, comic, sketch, (((bad anatomy))), (((deformed))), (((disfigured))), mutation hands, mutation fingers, extra fingers, missing fingers, watermark
  • Sampling Method: DPM++ 2M SDE Karras
  • Sampling Steps: 30

For creating these images, I employed ControlNet in conjunction with OpenPose to govern the character's pose. Given that this article focuses on showcasing checkpoints, I refrained from delving into the specifics of ControlNet and the OpenPose model. If you're interested in gaining a deeper understanding, feel free to explore our OpenPose crash course:

How to Use Open Pose & ControlNet in Stable Diffusion

Recommend ToonYou Settings

Typically, each checkpoint suggests specific settings to achieve the best outcomes. The ToonYou Checkpoint is no exception. Here are some suggested settings:

Image Generation Settings

  • Sampler: DPM++ SDE Karras
  • Sampling Steps: 30+

Upscaler (Hires. fix):

  • Upscaler: R-ESRGAN 4x+ Anime6B
  • Hires steps: 14
  • Denoising strength: 0.35
  • Upscale by: 1.5+

Let's now create an upscaled image with the above settings.

A Final ToonYou Masterpiece Unveiled


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3. Cartoon Checkpoint 2: Cartoonish

Get ready to explore the vibrant realm of Cartoonish, our second stop on this animated escapade! Say farewell to the serious stuff and let's dive into the lively, chic, and utterly charming world of Cartoonish.

Cartoonish doesn't play by the rules of realism—it's all about injecting joy and playfulness into every frame. With its lively expressions, playful exaggerations, and an overall cartoon magic, let's have a blast checking out some fantastic examples together, shall we?

Example Images (Cartoonish Checkpoint)


  • Checkpoint: Cartoonish
  • Positive Prompt: portrait of a women, 1girl, breasts, brown eyes, brown hair, earrings, jewelry, lips, long hair, looking at viewer, medium breasts, shirt lift, skirt, solo, (underboob:1.1), green eyes, perfect light, natural light, tropical plants in background
  • Negative Prompt: (worst quality:1.2), (low quality:1.2), (lowres:1.1), (monochrome:1.1), (greyscale), multiple views, comic, sketch, (((bad anatomy))), (((deformed))), (((disfigured))), mutation hands, mutation fingers, extra fingers, missing fingers, watermark
  • Sampling Method: DPM++ 2M SDE Karras
  • Sampling Steps: 30

Recommended Cartoonish Settings

Here are recommended settings: Sampler: DPM++ SDE format. For additional details, you can explore the official Cartoonish Civit AI page.

A Final Cartoonish Masterpiece Unveiled


4. Cartoon Checkpoint 3: Disney Pixar

Brace yourself for a thrilling adventure into the enchanting universe of Disney Pixar, our third and final destination on this animated cartoon journey! Bid adieu to the serious tones and let's plunge into the lively, sophisticated, and utterly captivating world of Disney Pixar.

Join me in unlocking the magic of the 3D cartoon look, where each scene becomes a canvas for creativity, inviting you to explore a delightful fusion of imagination and artistry.

Example Images (Disney Pixar Checkpoint)


This marks the conclusion of our exploration into all three checkpoints. Now, which one captured your preference? Let's do a quick comparison with an X/Y/Z Plot to determine which is your favourite.

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5. Cartoon Checkpoints Comparison (XYZ Plot)

Let's examine these checkpoints through the use of an X/Y/Z plotting script. This approach will enable us to discern the differences. If the X/Y/Z plotting technique is unfamiliar to you, our tutorial can guide you through the fundamentals.

Compare Stable Diffusion Checkpoints with XY Plotting

Now, embark on a comparison of the cartoon styled checkpoints to identify the one that most closely matches your requirements.


Certainly, the array of choices for cartoon checkpoints is extensive. However, drawing from our experience, these specific checkpoints consistently yield top-notch results. Feel free to download them and give them a try right away.

6. Conclusion Cartoon Checkpoints

In conclusion, our cartoon checkpoints have taken us on a vibrant journey through the diverse landscapes of Stable Diffusion. From the playful charm of "ToonYou" to the chic and captivating world of "Cartoonish," and finally, the one-of-a-kind 3D Western Cartoon allure of "Disney Pixar," each checkpoint brings its own unique flavor to the realm of image creation.

These checkpoints go beyond conventional boundaries, offering a spectrum of cartoon styles that resonate with joy, creativity, and enchantment. Whether you're captivated by the whimsical, the lively, or the one-of-a-kind, our cartoon checkpoints invite you to explore the endless possibilities of artistic expression.

Frequently Asked Questions

ToonYou stands out among cartoon checkpoints in Stable Diffusion with its distinctive focus on silliness, style, and an overall cute aesthetic. Unlike traditional realism, ToonYou thrives on injecting joy and playfulness into every image, creating lively expressions and delightful exaggerations. Its unique charm makes it the go-to choice for those seeking a more animated and whimsical cartoon style in the Stable Diffusion repertoire.

The Disney Pixar Checkpoint in Stable Diffusion achieves its distinctive 3D Western Cartoon look through a groundbreaking merge of the Pixar Style Model with a personalized touch, blending it seamlessly with the creator's own Loras model. This unique fusion results in a captivating portrayal of the Western cartoon aesthetic, transcending conventional boundaries and offering a one-of-a-kind cartoon allure within Stable Diffusion.

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