ReActor Face Swap Crash Course (Stable Diffusion)

January 13, 2024

About this Chapter 👇

Introducing the ReActor Face Swapping Extension—a powerful tool crafted to enhance your face-swapping experience. In this crash course, we'll swiftly guide you through the steps to download and leverage the ReActor extension within Stable Diffusion for achieving realistic face swaps. Explore additional details on the official ReActor GitHub page for in-depth information.

Advantages of the ReActor Extension

  • High-Resolution Face Swaps with Advanced Upscaling
  • Optimized CPU Performance
  • Compatibility Across SDXL and 1.5 Models
  • Automatic Gender and Age Detection
  • Uncensored Swaps (No NSFW Filter)
  • Continuous Development and Updates

The ReActor Extension distinguishes itself by enabling high-resolution face swaps with advanced upscaling, optimized for CPU-only setups, providing compatibility across SDXL and 1.5 models. It streamlines face-swapping with automatic gender and age detection, supports uncensored swaps, and excels in continuous development, bringing forth evolving features and advancements in face-swapping technology.

Ready to Begin?

Embark on our ReActor Face Swapping Course and experience the simplicity of face swapping within Stable Diffusion. In the upcoming chapter, we'll explore the installation process for the ReActor Extension. Let's start learning.

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